Baby-wrapping with Nanette

If you have been following my journey for a while, you know how much I love cuddles from Nanette (When she decides she is ready to give them). So, how do I soak up all her cuteness throughout the day? Easy: Baby-wrapping.  

Baby-wrapping has been around for centuries. Nomadic people used to wear their babies to travel with them more effectively. 

It’s a loving way to hold your baby with the convenience of hands-free parenting.

Personally, I loved using the CuddlyWrap for Nanette for its softness and organic cotton.

Baby wrapping

Eight reasons how baby wrapping helped me be a better parent

1. Baby-Wrapping is great for traveling.

Baby-wrapping allows me to go places without having to push a stroller or carry it from one place to the next. It keeps my hands free and makes it easier to just get up and go when you want to do some dishes or vacuum. 

2. People won’t touch your baby (as much).

People generally love babies and when you love something, you often want to touch it. With worries about Covid-19 and other viruses, no one wants random people touching their baby. It’s much easier to reach into the stroller than to try and get to a baby that is on its parent’s chest.

3. It’s a great way to bond with your baby. 

When I wrap Nanette, I find I am more likely to talk and interact with her. Since I didn’t carry Nanette in a womb, I found that this was a great way to connect. By having her heartbeat next to mine, whether at Costco or hiking in the mountains, I was able to understand her needs better and establish a loving relationship with her.

4. That new baby smell.

I love the smell of a baby. Who doesn’t? Unless she is pooping, in which case the natural reaction is to contort my face and hold her as far away from me as possible. All joking aside, there is something so sweet and calming about being able to smell her presence next to mine.

5. A smarter brain.

It helps Nanette’s developing brain make the right connections. Because she is intimately involved in my world, she is exposed to, and participates in, the surrounding environment. Baby genius, here we come!

6. Fewer tears.

I found that the more I wrapped her, the less she cried at night. And my experience is not unique in this regard. According to a study in the 1980’s, if a baby was held for 3 hours a day, they tended to be less fussy at night.

7. It’s good for a baby’s health.

Another study claims that resting in a wrap mirrors a fetus’ resting position in the womb. It promotes better digestion and avoids physical abnormalities that can arise if a baby is resting on its back all day long.  

8. It eases my day-to-day life. 

Since everything becomes hands-free, I am able to write e-mails, clean up around the house, go out for a walk, and get more errands done. If there is one trait that makes single parenting easier, it’s multi-tasking.

Baby wrapping
An extra few pounds on my heart

Having Nanette on my chest took some getting used to. But now, I can’t go back. I love seeing her facial reactions moment by moment, which I would miss if she was in a stroller. This way, I feel we are sharing each other’s day without words. Not to mention that I get to sneak-in a little extra glutes’ workout by having an extra 10 pounds on my body at all times. Win-win.