Welcome to the Virtual Book Launch of ‘Nanette’s Barrette’!


Inspired By The True Story Of A Family Dream Fulfilled Through Surrogacy.

In real life, Nanette is the 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter of author Nathan Chan. In NANETTE’S BARRETTE, Nanette is the adorable monkey daughter of a loving ape daddy. 

Nanette is as bright and sparkly as her barrette that makes rainbows in the sun. But in this bedtime-story parallel world, the little monkey and her daddy ape face similar questions that Nanette and Nathan often face in the real world: “Where’s mom?” And, “Is mommy off today?”

Similar to real life, the other people in this hustle and bustle city do not know about Nanette’s baboon mom.

The first book by Nathan Chan, NANETTE’S BARRETTE is a fanciful, poetic take on the eight-year surrogacy journey that brought the real-life Nanette into Nathan’s world, illustrated by Catherine Lee.

I wrote this book because I wanted to share our story. I want to help normalize single parenthood and encourage everyone to not give up until their family dreams are fulfilled. This book is for all who have a family dream and all those who help to make it possible.

~ Nathan Chan

NANETTE’S BARRETTE is a must-have to your library of diverse books that promote inclusion.

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