It’s time to celebrate

You might think that Mothers’ Day is a day I don’t get to celebrate because…well I am not Nanette’s birth mother. Well, you would be flat out wrong. Any excuse to party is a day worth celebrating, right? True, I didn’t naturally bring Nanette into this world but I still am her guardian and protector. And today is the day I want to honour my mother, my grandmother, the surrogate, the breast milk donors, and my friends who helped Nanette and I reach this milestone. I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! So please know, that from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing my heart to grow ten times bigger with my love at home. 

Isn’t Mother’s Day for Mom’s?

I have come to realize that for me, Mother’s day is really a day about our children. The love that brought them into this world and the joy that they bring to each and every day. Which is why I have come up with a few creative ideas and activities to do with Nanette on this day:

  • Create homemade cards thanking the people in our lives. Cards have a stronger impact than an e-mail or text and people tend to cherish them by putting them up on their walls and fridges. They won’t forget it. 
  • Bake some treats such as cookies, scones, or croissants. Share them with your neighbours (at appropriate distances) even if you don’t talk to them much. This way you can connect and create a bond if ever you need help from them one day. 

Paint a picture with your child of what a “mom” means to them. You might be surprised by the ideas or images they come up with. Don’t forget to use the cleanup time as a shared activity to help get them in the habit of picking up after themselves.

Mothers come in all forms

Growing up, I never thought that one day I could create my path forward and be a solo parent. Many couples and single dads are rewriting the rules on who or how certain holidays can take shape. Is this day meant for me? What will Nanette think in a few years time? Will she ask about her birth mother? For now, the best thing I can give her is understanding that she has a loving parent, willing to go on this journey with her. And any excuse to celebrate and party is good enough for me. Happy Mother’s Day!