As the weather begins to warm up (finally!) and people are slowly heading out of their homes, I thought it would be a perfect time for my little monkey and I to visit and get to know some other animals. There are many wonderful places around Calgary, for families to stop in, visit, and explore. Since most of us won’t be traveling far anytime soon, what better way to explore the outdoors than right in our own backyard? Nanette and I were so lucky to discover some of these awesome places.  

The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary is one of the only places in North America that takes care of neglected wolfdogs. If you’re afraid of wolves or wolfdogs, no need to worry. They are more scared of humans than you are of them. You can book in advance for a private tour or just show up and see all the different types of wolfdogs. You’ll even be able to feed them, learn how they live, and all the work that the specialists do to help rescue them. This is a not-for-profit sanctuary and we’re lucky to have them only 45 minutes outside Calgary. It’s important to note that the minimum age requirement to visit the sanctuary is 6 years old, so Nanette and I weren’t able to get in, but it’s still worthy of sharing this to other parents with older children!

Nathan Chan and his daughter born through surrogacy playing with kangaroos

Did you know that there are only two places in Canada where you can meet and pet real Kangaroos? One in Kelowna and the other just outside Calgary at Cobbs Adventure Park. Nanette loved this spot. They even have baby kangaroos and wallabies. They are now re-opened for the summer and have all sorts of special events such as unlimited pancakes for Father’s Day, flags and fudge on Canada Day, and even Adults’ Night if you want to venture out without the kids. Beyond the animals, there are lots of other attractions such as slides, pedal carts, and even an antique tractor ride. It’s a great way to spend a summer’s day. 

Kangaroos Creek Farm is located just outside Kelowna, BC. They are back and running for the summertime but with limited visitors, so best to contact them and make a reservation. The cool thing about this place is that it’s still a real farm and acts as a sanctuary not only for kangaroos but parrots, birds, and rabbits. None of the animals are bred for meat products or sold to private owners. They are looked after and cared for at the farm. Since they also operate as a not-for-profit, if you are a resident of Lake Country, Ellison or, UBC Okanagan, you can get in for free. I hope to be able to take Nanette there sometime later this summer. 


Last but not least is a childhood favorite of mine, Butterfield Acres Farm. I was informed that they should be open any day now; they are just waiting for the green light from Alberta Health Services. I loved going with my mom when I was a little kid and I’m sure Nanette will have just as much fun petting the animals. Did you know that they are offering a special “Goats Virtually Crash Your Business Meeting/Party” event? Wouldn’t it be crazy to have a zoom meeting and then see Mr. or Mrs. Goat appear next to your boss? If you can’t risk that, they also have tractor rides, goat milking, as well as the bonus of free parking. Can’t wait!

Explore all the opportunities around you

Since traveling outside the country is currently frowned upon, what better way to support the local economy and your local community, and get to know all the offerings in and around your city. There are plenty of outdoor activities for children across the city and I look forward to discovering each and every one of them with my crazy little animal.